Student residences

Student Village Latokartano offers housing for the students of University of Helsinki, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. During semesters of the University of Helsinki only students enrolled in the Food Sciences, Household Sciences, Agricultural sciences and Environmental Sciences are entitled to housing at the residences of the Student Village Latokartano. Also couples of whom at least other one is a student previously mentioned can be approved.

Period of residency

The longest period of residency allowed is twelve university semesters (about six years) for which the tenant has been registered as being present in the University, including such semesters during which the tenant has resided outside the student Village. Right of tenancy ends when the tenant graduates with the basic degree (M.Sc).

Apartment-style housing

Rooms available for single students are single-occupancy rooms in shared apartments. Upperclassmen living in the shared apartments can apply studios. For couples the Village offers studios or one-bedroom apartments.


Current rents (starting from 1.9.2022) in single-occupancy rooms range from 210 to 285 euro for one calendar month. Water, electricity, heat, basic furniture and Internet connection are included in the rent. Rent for a studio ranges from 385 to 410 euro/month and rents for one-bedroom apartments range from 530 to 570 euro/month. Water, electricity, heat and Internet connection are included in the rent. Studios and one-bedroom apartments are unfurnished.

Application for apartment

You can download the application form from here. You can find further information about the application and the requisite attachments in the application.

Please note that Latokartano student village is a small housing provider and we can not guarantee housing for every applicant.

Send the application to:

Talonpojantie 13
00790 Helsinki

The application is valid until the end of the semester (December 31 or May 31). In case the applicant wishes to renew the application, the applicant must inform the Student Village Latokartano office of the renewal by the end of the semester and update the application with any new information.

To get more information, contact the office of the Student Village by email or telephone (contact information on the right).