The application form in PDF format.

Please fill in the application carefully. Applications with missing information or attachments will not be processed. Please submit the scanned application and all the required attachments via email (

Apartments are open for continuous applying and new applications will be processed in the closest upcoming selection meeting. The selection decisions will be made by the housing committee. The meetings are arranged on a monthly basis during fall and spring semesters. Only those who are granted
an apartment are contacted via email.

There is also one additional meeting every July or August when the housing committee selects new tenants to apartments that are vacated on 1st of September. Next summer meeting is in the July, 2024. Please send the application and all the required attachments by the end of July, 2024. All the applicants will be informed about the results via email.

The application is valid until the end of the semester (31st of December or 31st of May). In case the applicant wishes to renew the application, the applicant must inform the office of the renewal by the end of the semester and update the application with any new information and/or attachments.

Details for filling in the application

  • Monthly income: An estimate on the average monthly income for the current year.
  • Additional information: Other information concerning e.g. the financial situation, debts, maintenance liabilities, disabilities or illnesses of the applicant or the applicant’s spouse (can also be added as an attachment).
  • Other requests: e.g. requests relating to the size of the room in a shared apartment or sharing an apartment with someone in particular.

Mandatory attachments

  • Either a certificate of attendance and a transcript or a letter of acceptance from Helsinki University (new students).
  • A copy of the applicant’s (and their spouse’s) passport.
  • Any other possible certificates or statements e.g. a pregnancy statement, a medical certificate or a notice of termination.