Summer housing / Short term housing

Rooms at the Student Village are available between May 1 and August 31, sometimes even earlier. They are mainly rented on a monthly basis, but shorter leases are provided whenever possible. You can apply for the rooms by filling in the reservation form below and sending it to the office. The rooms will be offered in April based on the applications.

The rooms available are single-occupancy rooms in shared apartments. For the summer 2024 the rents for single-occupancy rooms are as follows: small single rooms 230-260 euro/calendar month, large single rooms 265-310 euro/calendar month. Water, electricity, heat and basic furniture are included in the rent. Bed clothes are also available. The charge for blanket and pillow is 10 euro/month and with sheets the cost is 20 euro/month.

The rent for the first month has to be paid when the tenancy agreement is signed. The deposit of 250-300 euro has to be paid before the key for the room is given. The deposit will be paid back when the key has been returned, all the rents have been paid and it has been ascertained that the room is in normal condition.

Reservation Form

To reserve a room fill in the form and send it to us. The reservation is not binding. You can confirm the reservation when a room is offered to you. Please, return the form by mail or email to the office (contact information on the right). The office of the Student Village will also give you further information about the rooms and how to apply.